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To join IDO first you need to pass the Whitelist round

Link to fill whitelist information:

You need to do the following steps:

  • Follow Gum twitter, retweet IDO & whitelist announcement, then enter the twitter username.
  • Follow GUM Telegram Announcement Channel, GUM telegram chat and then enter username telegram.
  • Provide the ERC-20 wallet address used to participate in public sale.

The project will close the whitelist form at 2pm UTC on January 30, 2021.

Details IDO GUM

The IDO round will take place on Falconswap at 2pm UTC on 2/2/2021.

Basic information about GUM IDO

  • Name of project: Gourmet Galaxy
  • Ticker: GUM
  • FalconPool Hard Cap: 50,000 USDC
  • Total Tokens allocated: 500,000 GUM
  • Token Price: 1 GUM = 0.10 USDC
  • Token Sale Format: First Come First Served (first come first)
  • Request: Holds 10,000 FSW
  • Allocation for each selected wallet address: 250 USDC
  • Start day: February 2, 2021
  • Time: 7:00 PM (Vietnam time)

If being in the whitelist winning IDO, participants need to hold at least 10,000 FSW tokens to join IDO.

Do not move FSW tokens or cancel Allowance until token pool is fully reimbursed. Otherwise will be disqualified from GUM IDO

Token pool session will last for 24 hours and will close when there are enough wallets participating.

How to join IDO on Falconswap

Basic information to know before joining IDO

How to join IDO on a Falcon swap

When joining any pool, you will see a table like the picture above with the following basic information:

  1. Price of the tokens offered per token raised by the pool. (The price of the token)
  2. Contract address
  3. Token address
  4. Amount raised and the total amount being raised (the amount the project needs to raise)
  5. Status (token pool status): there are 3 states
  • Processed: During this period, investors’ funds are sent to the ETH blockchain and each investor will receive either a locked token or locked token depending on the contract type.
  • Redeemed: The pool creator has received funds from investors from Falconpool.
  • Unlocked: locked token is unlocked, investors can go to their claim token.
  1. Timer (Pool open time)

One important piece of information that investors should pay attention to is the pool opening timer in the upper right corner of the screen.

Pool opening time

  1. Pool details

Pool details

Through the box in the lower left corner, you can see the amount that the project raised on layer 2 and onchain.

In addition, the frame will also show the min and max amount a person can join the token pool.

Steps to join the pool:

  1. Connect your wallet through a list of supported wallets. (Connect wallet).
  2. Approve the contribution token. (Allow the Falconswap protocol to access the funds in your wallet).
  3. Select the contribution amount. (Select the amount you want to join the pool).
  4. Once the pool starts, you can click on the “Buy” button and sign the transaction on your connected wallet. ( When the pool starts, click on the Buy button and confirm the transaction on the wallet to complete the transaction).
  5. Once your signed transaction is sent, you will see “Already Participated” instead of the buy button. (Once the transaction is confirmed, user will see “Already Participated“).

If you have any questions about IDO on Falconswap, do not hesitate to contact CHK on fanpage or Telegram 68 Trading group!


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