How to call Instagram videos with effects

How to call Instagram videos with effects


2021-03-31 17:26:32

Video Call Instagram has added the ability to choose frames or filters for faces, with the same effects that you take photos and record videos on Story. Compared to before when you video call on Instagram only had a simple video call screen, now we can choose from many different types of effects. Instagram has many beautiful filters for us to download such as We Bare Bears filter, bee filter on Instagram, … If you do not like face filters, you can choose from effects that change the video calling interface. . The following article will guide you how to choose the Instagram video call effect.

Guide to choose effects video call Instagram

Step 1:

At the Instagram interface you click messaging icons in the top right corner. Then switch to the messaging interface on Instagram, click next Video call icon in the top right corner like image below.

Step 2:

Display the list of Instagram friends for us to press select video call. Users can call group Instagram videos with up to 4 people at the same time. Tap on the Instagram account that users want to video call. If you want to remove the person from the video call, click on the name and then tap the X.

Then click Start button to make a call.

Step 3:

In the Instagram video call interface, click Effect in the bottom right corner. This time will display many types of effects for us to choose from. During a video call, the camera or mic can be turned off.

In addition, when making a video call, you can minimize the screen by pressing the square icon in the leftmost corner, next to the video icon. Then the video call interface shows neatly 1 corner on the screen. Now you can text, send images to the video call group as you like.

Minimize the video call screen

Video instructions to choose effects Instagram video calling


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