How to call multiple people at the same time on Android

How to call multiple people at the same time on Android

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2021-05-08 00:58:24

In the article below, Make Tech will guide you on how to call multiple people at the same time on Android, how to add people to a call and how to participate in a multidirectional call.

How to call multiple people on Android

An Android phone can call up to 5 people at the same time in one call.

Starting a multi-direction call is as simple as calling one person at a time and importing all those single calls into one phone call.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Open the app phone.

2. Tap a contact or touch phone to initiate the first call.

3. When the other end of the line answers, select Add call.

4. Tap another contact or dial a phone number to initiate a second call.

5. When the second person answers, select Merge.

You can add more people by repeating the above steps, up to 5 people can be added to a call.

How to turn off the phone during a multicast call on Android

If you are on a multicast call and want to turn off someone’s line, follow these steps.

1. During the call, press Manage.

2. You will see a list of all the people who are on the call. Next to each person’s name has one phone icon. Click on the icon if you want to exit the call.

After doing so, your phone will return to the normal calling screen. Or the caller is the one who disconnects the call.

How to join a multicast call on Android

Joining a multi-party call on Android is as easy as making or receiving a call. If you are not the person making the call directly, you can join the call by answering the call from the multicast call maker. You can also call the multicast call opener directly. Either way, the call owner can add friends to the call by pressing the button Merge.


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