How to cancel a registered Mobifone service

How to cancel a registered Mobifone service


2021-04-25 10:35:54

Canceling registered Mobifone service saves you money in your account in case you register for many services but don’t use it. Especially when you cancel Mobifone registration service, it will limit the status of being deducted unjustly. To check the Mobifone service you have registered, we can compose a message to 944 to check. In case you want to cancel the registered Mobifone service, you need to compose a message for each service type. The following article will guide you how to cancel Mobifone service.

Instructions to cancel the service of Mobifone

To cancel service of watching videos, clips, movies MobifoneYou compose a message HUY package code sends service prefix.

To cancel Mobifone messaging services, first you compose KT to send to the prefix to receive the message to know which package to use. Then compose HUY name-package-fee sends the pre-number to receive the message.

Cancellation of value added service Mobifoneyou compose HUY sends the service number or HUY name-package-charge to prefix the service number.

Here are some examples of Mobifone’s frequently used service cancellation syntax:

  • 3G MobiFone service: Text HUY [Tên gói 3G] send to 999.
  • Service to watch and download Video MobiClip: Compose HUY [Tên gói cước] send to 9022.
  • Festival Culture Service, number 1111: Text HUY TIN to 1111.
  • Zing MobiFone service: Text HUY ZING to 999.
  • LiveInfo service: Write HUY to 9220. Or turn off the service via Supper sim by: Menu> Super SIM> LiveInfo> Bat / Tat> Tat.
  • FunRing MobiFone ringback service: Text HUY to 9224.
  • Mstudy learning information service: Compose HUY [Tên gói cước] send to 9091.
  • Mfilm MobiFone service: Compose HUY [Tên gói cước] send to 9033.
  • Cancel access to OPERA Mini browser: Write HUY [Tên gói cước] send to 999.
  • WEGAMES MobiFone service: Text HUY WE to 9210.
  • VGAMES MobiFone service: Text HUY VG to 9210.
  • MCA MobiFone missed call notification service: Text HUY to 9232.
  • SMS Plus MobiFone service: Text HUY SS to 9070.
  • Call Barring Service Call Barring MobiFone: Text HUY CB to 999.
  • Call Busy MobiFone service: Text HUY to 9036.
  • English Learning Service mEnglish MobiFone: Compose HUY [Tên gói cước] send to 9140.


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