How to change keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

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2021-07-10 01:45:40

Adobe Photoshop allows you to change keyboard shortcuts related to any function of the application. This article will show you how to change keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop on Windows and Mac, as well as how to reset keyboard shortcuts to their default values.

Modify keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

You can change keyboard shortcuts for different items in Photoshop, including application menus and editing tools. To get started, open Photoshop on your Windows or Mac computer.

In the Photoshop window, click Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts on the menu bar.

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Window “Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus” will appear immediately. Here, select the shortcuts you want to change. Click the drop-down menu”Shortcuts For” and select a specific item.

Available items include:

  • Application Menus: This is a shortcut cluster on the menu bar, including options like File, Edit, Image, etc.
  • Panel Menus: This option allows you to change the keyboard shortcut corresponding to different panels like the Action panel, Properties, etc.
  • Tools: These are the shortcuts related to the editing tools displayed on the left side of the Photoshop window, including the Rectangular Marquee Tool, the Crop Tool, etc.
  • Taskspaces: This allows you to change the keyboard shortcuts of Select and Mask, Content-Aware Fill, and Neural Filters.

Available items

Let’s take an example with “Application Menus“. Click on this item in the menu “Shortcuts For“.

Next, select the menu whose function you want to change the shortcut for. On the same window in the “Application Menu Command”, click a menu to expand its functions.

Click on a menu to expand its functions

In the expanded menu, click the function for which you want to change the shortcut.

Click the function for which you want to change the shortcut

Now press the keyboard shortcut that you want to assign to the selected function. The keys you press will appear in the box “Shortcut” next to the selected function.

Press the shortcut you want to assign

If Photoshop used the shortcut you selected for another feature (the shortcut is duplicated), an error message will appear at the bottom of the window.

Error message

If you want, you can ignore Photoshop’s error message, remove the duplicated shortcut from the existing function, and assign it to the new function of your choice. To do this, click “Accept” on the right side of the window.

Click “Accept” even if Photoshop does not display the error message.

Click “Accept”

While on the shortcut window, you can perform other actions, such as removing a shortcut, by selecting a shortcut in the list, then clicking “Delete Shortcut“.

Click “Delete Shortcut”

Finally, click “OK” to save the set changes.

Click “OK”

Which keyboard shortcut should I change in Photoshop?

Choosing which keyboard shortcuts to change completely depends on the functions you frequently use in Photoshop. If you use a feature often, it’s a good idea to assign it an easy-to-operate shortcut.

Here are some general ideas for keyboard shortcuts to change:

  • File > Save a Copy: If you usually save your images as copies, use the Save As shortcut for this option.
  • File > Export > Save for Web: This feature is already assigned a shortcut key by default, but if you use this feature too often, you may want to assign it a shortcut that is easier to manipulate.
  • Filter > Blur > Average: Create a shortcut for this feature to quickly blur parts of your photo.
  • Tools: Many of Photoshop’s secondary tools use the same keyboard shortcuts as the main tool. For example, the Crop Tool and the Perspective Crop Tool use the same keyboard shortcut. Therefore, assigning a separate shortcut to each tool will make it easier for you to use.

Reset Photoshop shortcut settings to default

Of course, you can also revert all your changes to the default setup state if you want.

Open Photoshop and select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu bar.

On the window”Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus“opens, click the drop-down menu”Set” and select “Photoshop Defaults“.

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A prompt will appear, press “Don’t Save” to continue.

Select “Photoshop Defaults”

Click “OK” to close the window.

Click “OK”

Your shortcut settings are now reset!


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