How to chat with icons, message Messenger with icons

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2021-07-04 11:40:28

If you want to try the new icon messaging style emerging on Facebook these days, you can try the alternative Password tool of a member of the J2team team. Then the usual Vietnamese words will turn into icons on Facebook that you often use. At that time, no one will know what you send, helping us to secure Messenger messages besides the feature of locking Messenger with fingerprints. The following article will guide you to message Messenger with icons.

Instructions to chat with icons on Messenger

Step 1:

First of all, we access the link below to access the alternative Password tool of J2team. The tool will support you to move forward and backward, that is, convert from text to icon and from icon to text. Note, the tool only supports unsigned characters never mind. With poetic content, you should check backwards and forwards to see if there is a mistranslation

Step 2:

At this interface the Original Text section you enter the original content unsigned want to convert to icon form. Then you click down arrow icon to translate text into icon format.

Results we will see in the form of the icon message below in the Password box. Note, because Windows cannot read all the icon icons, there will be a phenomenon that the icon will not appear at all, but when using Messenger messaging, it will be fully displayed.

Icon messages

Step 3:

Now you just need to use these icons to message on Facebook.

Texting icon

We can too reverse switch by enter the line icon and then press the up arrow icon to display the content of the message. Soon you will see the message content shown above in the Original Text frame.

Change icon to message


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