How to check for genuine iPhone

How to check for genuine iPhone


2021-04-04 00:33:03

Buying a fake iPhone will greatly hamper your work. It may have problems with data synchronization, connectivity and functionality, causing data to be intercepted or lost. You can be sure to buy a genuine iPhone at official Apple stores or buy from reputable retail chains. If you bought an iPhone from other sources, follow these steps to make sure the phone you buy is genuine.

Verify your serial number

Each iPhone has a serial number to identify it. By looking up the serial number, you can verify if it’s in the Apple database. Find the iPhone’s serial number by tapping Settings> General> About. Scroll down to “Serial number” and keep the screen open or write down the number. Go to “” and enter the serial number. The system lets you know if your iPhone is still under warranty. If you get notified “We’re sorry, but this serial number is not valid. Please check your information and try again”Most likely, the iPhone is a fake.

External signs

IPhone can be identified by its own hardware features. If you check your iPhone, you will see the power button, the Home button in the bottom center of the screen (iPhone 8 and below), the toggle switch, and two volume up and down buttons. Additionally, your iPhone must have the Apple logo imprinted on the back. If any of these components are missing or appear in a different location, chances are your iPhone is counterfeit.

Network already connected

All iPhone models will be able to connect with Wi-Fi, EDGE and Bluetooth. All models, except the original iPhone, can also connect to 3G, 4G and 5G data networks on iPhone 12 and above models. iPhone 6 and above support NFC for Apple Pay. If you buy an iPhone that doesn’t have the hardware to connect to one of these networks, it could be a counterfeit or made for use in another country. You can verify that it’s not just the problem by restoring your iPhone and see if the feature works. If it doesn’t work after being restored, it could be a clone iPhone.

Sync iPhone

If you buy an iPhone that can’t connect to iTunes or isn’t recognized by iTunes, it’s probably a fake. Before coming to this conclusion, make sure that your iTunes and iOS are both updated to the latest version. If you can’t sync information between iPhone and your computer, try restoring iPhone through iTunes. iPhone that doesn’t connect to iTunes or the app store after being restored is definitely fake or damaged.

Pre-installed iOS apps

The iPhone usually has a ton of pre-installed apps that are very popular and useful as Apple. Unless the iPhone is jailbroken, the apps cannot be removed. Some examples of pre-installed applications include “Contacts”, “Compass”, “Settings”, “Computer”, “Music” and “Photos”. If any of these apps are missing, the phone is jailbroken or not genuine. You can restore the original firmware by entering DFU mode and reinstalling the operating system. If the native apps are still missing, then your iPhone is very likely a fake.

Apple Store or an authorized service provider

If you have checked your iPhone up to this step but you still suspect it is a fake, take it to the nearest Apple store or an Apple authorized service provider. Store technicians can run diagnostic tests on your iPhone to verify the device’s authenticity.


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