How to check the password of iCloud Keychain

How to check the password of iCloud Keychain

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2021-05-24 05:16:18

Using iCloud Keychain, Apple’s Safari browser stores and syncs all the passwords you use for different websites and apps through ‌iCloud‌. And in iOS 14 and later, Apple provides security recommendations that warn you if the password you’re using is putting your account at risk.

Safari securely monitors your saved passwords using strong cryptographic techniques and regularly checks the origin of your passwords against a list of passwords in a secure and private, non-disclosure your password information to anyone, including Apple. If Safari detects a breach, Safari will warn you and can automatically generate a new secure password.

Examples of security warnings you may see include:

  • Too many people using this password leads to easy guessing.
  • The password is too easy to guess.
  • This password uses a string. Use common patterns that make passwords easy to guess.
  • You are using this password on other websites, which increases the risk for this account if one of the other accounts is compromised.
  • This password appeared in a data breach, putting this account at high risk of being compromised. You should change your password immediately.

To check your password for security suggestions generated by Safari in iOS, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the app Settings (Settings) on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and select Passwords (Passwords).
  3. Choose Security Recommendations.
  4. Click on a suggestion to view details or select Change Password on Website (Change Password on Website) to open a browser window and change the password.
Steps to change iCloud Keychain password

If you use Safari on Mac, you can find similar privacy recommendations in the . tab Passwords on Safari > Preferences…


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