How to check the phone number Vinaphone is using

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2021-04-01 03:27:44

Checking the phone number Vinaphone is using is a question of many people, especially middle-aged people who do not remember their cell phone number. You can of course call another phone number to have them check your phone number. But what if you are out on the street and need it urgently? If you call to Vinaphone’s customer care switchboard, your phone needs money. In case you cannot call for help, there is no money in your account, please refer to how to find Vinaphone phone number below for free.

Guide to check prepaid Vinaphone phone number

With Vinaphone prepaid subscribers, we will have many ways to check phone number information.

Way 1: We’ll call number * 110 # then press the Call button. Immediately then information about the phone number being used on your phone will appear on the screen. Free calls to this number.

Method 2: We call 900 switchboard of Vianaphone then press continue ext 4 Let the operator read the phone number you are using. Free calls to 900 switchboards.

Method 3: Or we can call number 9191, another Vinaphone’s switchboard number to check information about the phone number that you are using. The 9191 switchboard will support to answer questions about services such as Vinaphone data package registered, lost sim card, damaged sim, … When calling this switchboard, there will be a fee of 200 VND / minute.

How to check postpaid Vinaphone phone number

With Vinaphone postpaid sim, you will have a way to check the phone number different from the prepaid sim.

Way 1: You press number * 111 # then press the call button. The display shows your phone number in the first series of numbers in the message text. It’s free to call this number.

Method 2: Call Vinaphone 9191 switchboard and the staff will read the phone number to you.


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