How to comment with Facebook Fanpage

How to comment with Facebook Fanpage


2021-06-04 14:09:28

How to comment with a Facebook Fanpage on other posts or posts on the Page you manage? Many people still do not know how to change the name or use the Facebook Fanpage name to comment on other posts, or in the Fanpage that you are managing or your personal Fanpage. To convert the comment status from your Facebook name to Fanpage is very simple, and will be guided in the following article of the Network Administrator.

How to comment with Facebook Fanpage on other posts

Step 1:

At the interface of the article you want to comment on someone else’s personal page, or a post on a certain Fanpage you will see Facebook account profile picture mine as below.

Step 2:

We will click on this avatar and then will display all the Facebook Fanpages that you are managing to choose to switch to that Fanpage name. Note that only the active Facebook Fanpage will be displayed.

Now you just need Select the name of the Fanpage you want to use.

Choose Fanpage name

Step 3:

Click on the comment box and you will see a notification that you are commenting as the selected Fanpage. Now you just need to enter the comment as usual.

Comment with Fanpage name

When displaying the comment content, it will be replaced with the name of the Facebook Fanpage.

Show Fanpage name

How to comment with Fanpage on Page’s own posts

Even in the Fanpage that you are managing, we can also change the commenter’s name between the personal Facebook account and the Fanpage name.

Step 1:

Go to the Fanpage you are managing and look up upper corner of Fanpage will see your Facebook profile picture.

Access Management Fanpage Fanpage

Step 2:

We also click triangle icon to display a comment selection list on this Page itself. You will choose as Comment under the name Fanpage managing is done.

Choose your Fanpage


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