How to cover camera moles, water drops on Android smartphones is both easy and beautiful

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2021-04-06 23:38:19

Camera moles or water drops are a trend commonly adopted by Android smartphone manufacturers. This design helps increase the screen display area, but not everyone likes them. Some carriers provide the option to hide the camera but quite monotonous. Notch Design application will help you hide the camera moles and water drops to your liking. You can proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Notch Design app on the CH Play app store

Step 2: Give permissions and turn on logo masking

After the installation is successful, you will need to accept some permissions for the app. And switch (Change Notch Design) mode to on. The default Batman logo will appear in the middle after enabling you can replace it with another logo in the options below. This is the part that will cover the camera with the mole or water drop that you want to cover.

Step 3: Proceed to adjust logo shape

In the General section, you can do the following options:

– Choose Notch Type: Here you have options for the position of the front camera, including an option in the middle, two left-shift options and two right-shift options.

– Height / Width: This is the adjustment bar that allows you to adjust the height and width of the logo so that it conceals the best part of the camera.

– Rotate Design: Here you can change the forward, reverse or reverse mirror for the logo;

– Choose Color: Help you change the color of the icons on the screen;

– Choose Notch Design: Helps you to change the camera cover icon to another one;

Step 4: Adjust the position of the logo covering the camera

In the Set Position area, you will adjust the logo position so that it covers the best camera.

– Position X: Will move the logo position to move to the sides;

– Position Y: Will move the logo position to move vertically.

Step 5: Make adjustment options

In the Configuration section you can proceed with the following options:

– Do not show in Landscape: Cam cover not displayed when using in full screen on / off mode;

– Overlay Status Bar: Covering status bar with two on / off modes.

So you have finished hiding the camera mole or water drop on the screen of your Android phone. With the free version, you can only use some of the superhero theme pre-installed images. If you buy the Notch Design Pro version, you get more image options.


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