How to create a Bat file to quickly open multiple websites on Windows 10

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2021-04-19 12:54:32

Sometimes the job requirements make you always have to open and work with many different groups of tabs and websites in the browser. Ideal if you can open multiple websites in Windows 10 with a single desktop shortcut, especially if you tend to frequently open certain groups of websites.

In fact, you can do this with .bat files. Batch file (.bat) will help you to execute tasks on your computer automatically. You can automate everyday tasks, shorten the time it takes to perform a task, and turn a complex process into something anyone can do.

For example, you can create a .bat file to move one or more specific files by clicking on that .bat file, or even turn off the screen if desired.

Create Bat file to quickly open multiple web pages

To open multiple websites in Windows 10 at the same time (on any browser) without using bookmarks or browser extensions. You will need to create a .bat file to perform specific tasks based on the instructions in the file automatically. In this case it is opening multiple web pages at the same time.

The beauty is that you don’t need any in-depth programming knowledge to create a .bat file. In fact, you will just need to copy and paste a few simple commands and enter paths to the websites you want to open with that Bat file.

Create file

There are two ways you can start creating a .bat file. First, open Notepad, or right-click anywhere on the screen and choose “New -> Text Document“. Both of these methods help you to open a blank text document. Make sure you select “Text Document“Because you don’t need any formatting options.

Enter the following command in the first line:

@echo off

Then you will enter the list of webpages that you want to quickly open. You must enter the full URL. For example, if you want to add the Network Administrator to your list, you need to add the URL If the URL is entered incorrectly, the file returns an error message.

Place each web page on its own line and add “start“Before that site, for example:


Just for a moment, you can copy the text later and just enter the URL of the website you want.

@echo off


The contents of your file should look similar to this, but of course with your own websites:

File content

You can add as many URLs as you want. Just make sure each line begins with “start“.

Save the file

If you save your file in the usual way, it’s just a “harmless” Notepad file. Instead, you have to save the file as .bat. Note, don’t use Save as, but you must manually add the .bat extension to the filename.

For example, you could name your file TechSites.bat.

Save the file name

You can leave the file type as Text Documents. Press Save and all done. You can save the file in a location other than your desktop, but for easier access, most people choose to save the file right on the desktop.

Once the file is saved, you can double-click the file at any time to open all the webpages in the list at once. If you get an error message, check your file to make sure any website URL is entered correctly. To avoid the problem, open each website in your browser and copy that website URL into your .bat file.

Edit file

Although you can open multiple websites in Windows 10 at the same time with this Bat file, if the needs change over time, you may need to add or remove several websites from the list.

You don’t need to retype everything, just right-click on your file, and select Edit. This will reopen the file in Notepad for you to edit. Save your changes when done.

Edit file

Sometimes the file reverted back to .txt. In this case, reopen the file and save it using the same procedure as when you created the file above.


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