How to create a birthday greeting card online

How to create a birthday greeting card online


2021-05-05 19:07:00

Birthday greeting cards show your affection for each other when it comes to their birthdays. Birthday card contains happy wishes, happy birthday to relatives in family or friends. There are many ways for us to send birthday greeting cards, besides creating your own, you can use online cards with many different birthday greeting card templates. Make tech easier introduces you to a few templates of birthday greeting cards for you to create right on your computer or phone. You just need to enter the greeting that you want to send to the other party, then save the photo of the card and you’re done. Take a look at the birthday greeting card templates in the article below.

Instructions for creating online birthday cards

1. Create birthday greeting cards on the computer

There are 8 other birthday card templates for many different objects to choose from. Each card template will have box for you to enter your greetings want to send a happy birthday gift. Above is % level Adjust the size of the card, zoom in or out so you can easily enter your birthday greetings.

After entering the wishes Press the Save Image button to create cards. Finally press Download Image button in a large, full-size PNG file that we can send cards online.

Save the card

Mother’s birthday greeting card

Father’s birthday card

Wife’s birthday card

Template for husband’s birthday card

Birthday card lover

Create a birthday card for your baby

Birthday greeting cards to friends

Birthday greeting card online boyfriend

2. Create a birthday card on your phone

With card templates on your phone, you just need to click on the card template you want to use, then enter your greetings into the frame. Then click Save Image button and then download the card template as a PNG image.

Birthday card on phone

Father’s birthday greeting card on the phone

Mother’s birthday card for phone

Wife’s birthday greeting card

Birthday greeting card husband on mobile

Create a birthday card for your baby

Create a birthday card for your lover

Birthday greeting card for boyfriend online

Birthday greeting cards to friends on the phone


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