How to create a Facebook avatar with gradient colors

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2021-03-29 15:07:22

Color gradient strips with many different colors, fancy and often used to change image color. If you like these gradient colors, you can use it to create a Facebook or Instagram avatar with a gradient of your choice. We will design our online Facebook avatar with the gradient color we like. Users just need to upload an image and Ephoto360 website will proceed to create a Facebook account profile picture for you. The following article will guide you to create a gradient colored Facebook avatar.

How to create a Facebook avatar with gradient borders

Step 1:

First of all, visit the link below to access the Facebook avatar creation interface with gradient color borders.

Step 2:

In this interface the user clicks on Select Image button to upload personal photos you want to select as Facebook profile picture from your computer to the website.

The newly uploaded image adjustment frame is now displayed. You move the green frame to select the photo area you want to use, then tap Cropping button to perform.

Image crop

Step 3:

Next to us choose a color border style Facebook profile picture with 10 gradient color bands as shown below. After you have selected, click Create Image button to proceed with creating Facebook avatar.

Choose a color style

Step 4:

Then wait a few seconds for the image creation to complete. As a result, you will see a colored Facebook avatar with a color border as shown below. We click Download button to download avatar and install it on Facebook or any other social networking account.

Save Image


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