How to create a QR code for images on Chrome

How to create a QR code for images on Chrome


2021-04-04 19:51:14

The newly updated Chrome browser adds the ability to create QR codes for images, in addition to the ability to create QR codes for websites on Chrome, so sharing images is much more convenient and quick. Usually when you want to share an image, it will be shared via the website link or downloaded to send to your friends via email or via messaging applications. With the QR code feature for photos, the image will be generated a separate code, then the recipient of the photo can scan the QR code to open the photo on the phone via Chrome browser. The following article will guide you to read how to create a QR code for images on Chrome.

How to create QR codes for photos on Chrome

Step 1:

You go to a web page with pictures you want to share with your friends. Then at the image we want to share, we right-click and select Generate QR codes for images in the displayed menu.

Step 2:

Now display the interface to generate QR code for the image right on the computer Chrome browser. We’ll see an image link with a code for the image. This image link can be changed in your name. Here you click Download button to download the QR code of this image in the browser

Download QR code

Step 3:

Next you just need to send this QR code to the people you want to share the image with. Then we open the camera on the device that has the QR code scanning feature. Immediately you will see a notification to open the image on the Chrome browser installed on the phone.


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