How to create a reading list on Google Chrome

How to create a reading list on Google Chrome


2021-03-24 15:04:26

Google Chrome recently added a new reading list feature, saving web pages as reading lists and for later reading when needed. This reading list feature will also save web pages for you to read later, but will be different from the bookmark feature in Chrome. With Chrome bookmarks, when finished using you must delete the saved website to avoid the bookmark list being too long. With this reading list feature, the browser automatically divides into read or unread web pages so that we can easily find the website we need, or the web you have read but want to find again. The following article will guide you how to use the reading list feature on Google Chrome.

Instructions for creating a reading list on Google Chrome

How to create and use a reading list on Chrome for desktop

Step 1:

First of all you visit the website you want to save to your reading list. Then click continue bookmark star icon on the Chrome browser.

Now you choose to continue Add to reading list. You continue to work with other websites.

Step 2:

Then look to the right edge of the browser and you will see Reading List item let us press select.

Reading list

Now the user will see all the websites that you have saved for later reading. All these websites are displayed in the Unread list.

Unread list

When you immediately click on a web page to view it, that website is automatically moved down the list Pages you have read.

Web site read

Step 3:

In each website name there will be 2 different icons, tick icon to check whether you have read or unread web pages and X sign icon to delete a saved web page from the Chrome browser reading list.

Site options

How to create and manage reading lists on Chrome for iPhone and iPad

The Chrome app for iPhone and iPad gives users two ways to add a website to their reading list. This can be done on the Chrome interface or from another application.

For the first method, open the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to the website you want to save. Now tap on the share icon in the address bar.

Click on the share icon

On the menu that appears, click “Read Later”(Read later).

Click on “Read Later

Accomplished! This site is now in your reading list.

For the second method, first find a website or link in any app that you want to save to Chrome reading list. Take an example with Apple News. You still click on the share icon as usual.

Click on the share icon

Next, find “Chrome“In the list of apps available to share and click on it.

Click on

From the Chrome menu that appears, click “Read Later“.

Click on “Read Later”

This article is currently saved. To access the Chrome reading list on your iPhone or iPad, open your browser as usual and tap the three-dot menu icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap the three-dot menu icon

From the menu that appears, click “Reading List”(Reading list). The small number displayed indicates unread pages that you have saved.

Click on

The vertical list will open with “Unread“At the top and”Pages you have read” at the bottom. Pages marked with a green check mark are ready for offline reading.

Vertical list

To manage your reading list, click on the button “Edit”(Edit) in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click the

You can now select pages to remove them from the list or mark them as read.

Manage reading list


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