How to create a Spotify playlist, share a Spotify playlist

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2021-04-08 05:48:31

Spotify is a music streaming service similar to many other music services. Spotify gives you a full set of features for listening to music on Spotify, such as creating playlists on Spotify and sharing Spotify playlists to others so that they can add songs to that playlist. We can also make it public for the Spotify playlist so that anyone can listen to music from the playlist. The following article will guide you to create playlist on Spotify.

1. How to create and share Spotify playlists

Step 1:

At the interface on Spotify you click Library folder, then click next section Create playlist. Next you enter a name for the playlist then Press Add song. We do the same with other playlists.

Step 2:

Then click on the playlist you want to set. At the interface you click 3 dot icon in the top right corner of the screen, then select Setup is Secret to indicate only you listen and know this playlist. If you leave it public, when other people search, you can come up with the playlist you created.

Step 3:

In case you want share playlist with friends, relatives or anyone, we also click 3 dot icon at the playlist interface then select Set up to Collaborate. Then we click on the plus icon in the top right corner.

Now display an interface for you to send Spotify playlist to friends through many different ways.

Step 4:

In case you want share playlist songs publicly to everyone so they can find and listen to your playlist, you need to turn off allowing others to add to the playlist by pressing Set to Non-Collaborate.

If Set as Secret is turned on, click to changed to Public.


2. How to create a random playlist on Spotify

1. Create playlist on Shuffle Spotify

Step 1:

Users access the homepage of Shuffle Spotify under the link below and then proceed to log in to their Spotify account.

Sign in to your account

Then we need to agree to Shuffle Spotify access to your Spotify account your.

Shuffle Spotify accesses Spotify

Step 2:

Display a new interface for users to fill in content information to create playlist.

  • Playlist Name: Set the name of the playlist.
  • Number of Tracks: Number of songs in the playlist.
  • Minimum Popularity: The minimum popularity of the song the service will choose for you.
  • Maximum Popularity: The maximum popularity of the song that the service chooses for you.

Finally click Generate Random Tracks let Shuffle Spotify proceed to generate a random playlist based on the information you have entered.

Shuffle Spotify generates random playlists

Step 3:

When you see the Success message on the Shuffle Spotify interface, open Spotify to check the randomly generated playlist. The number of playlists created on the website is unlimited.

Playlists on Spotify

2. Magic Playlist creates Spotify playlist

Step 1:

We access the home page of Magic Playlist according to the link above. At the user interface also click Connect with Spotify to login to your account and accept the connection.

Sign in on Magic Playlist

The user also agrees to let the Magic Playlist website access your Spotify account.

Agree to the condition

Step 2:

Next we proceed to create playlist according to your favorite theme or available theme. For your favorite theme, just enter the artist’s name, song title or genre name in the search bar on the web page. Displaying the results below, you click on any name in the list of results.

Enter keywords

Immediately playlists appear with random songs. In this interface you can choose to play music for at least 1 hour or up to 3 hours.

Show random playlist

Users can also add songs to this playlist by entering the song’s name in the box Add a new song to the playlist. Give the playlist a name then select a display mode, press Save on Spotify is done.

Save the playlist

If select playlist at random then right in the interface of the page we just need to click on topics like Workout, Party and Chill.

Thread is random

Then tick on the topics and also display a random playlist. Then you also enter a name for the playlist and save.

Playlist at random

Step 3:

If you want faster then just go there Recent Playlists category to choose whether the playlist is available and choose to listen.

New playlist

With the two sites above, the music space on Spotify will be more vibrant because songs that you do not know or have never heard of, are arranged randomly into playlists. Number of playlist creation on Spotify is not limited.

Wish you all success!


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