How to create a text effect run on Instagram Story

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2021-05-10 07:03:13

Instagram Stories is a place where you can share many interesting moments, special, new or funny videos with your friends. There are many ways to refresh a video or picture posted to Story, such as using the beautiful Instagram Story effects immediately or using some additional support applications like Typeloop for example.

Typeloop application will bring artistic typography that is extremely artistic, with many different running typefaces. Users can choose the running font they like, then adjust the running speed, text distance … to post immediately on Instagram. You can choose to download the video or post it immediately to the Story. The following article will guide you how to create text videos that run on Instagram Stories using the Typeloop application.

Instructions for creating text to play video Story Instagram

Step 1:

First of all, you download Typeloop app for iPhone / iPad according to the link below and then install the application.

Step 2:

At the application interface, we click the letter Aa symbol to write words. Then you choose the color displayed for the text, drag right or left to choose the color.

Step 3:

Next to us choose the font you want to display, the size of the word and Press the screen to enter the content want to show up on Instagram Story.

Step 4:

Back to the main interface, click 2 circles icon to choose a running text effect on the application. Now you will see many different running fonts to apply to the text you have entered. Below are the options to customize the running font such as running speed and direction. Depending on the font you choose to run, there will be different customizations.

Step 5:

Continue to click square icon to insert background image for text running video. In this interface click image icon to use Images are available in the album equipment as background image. If you do not want, you can choose a colored background.

Step 6:

After you have finished editing the text, click Instagram icons Below, give the app access to the album on your phone, choose the quality for the video, then tap Post to Instagram and agree to let the app open Instagram.

Step 7:

The user then posted the video on Instagram Story. Finally add effects, music to videos and stickers, stickers and post to Instagram as usual.


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