How to create a video greeting card March 8

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2021-04-11 23:19:30

March 8 is an opportunity for us to send our sincere thanks, loving words to a woman in the mother’s family, sister, wife or sister or girlfriend. There are many ways we can send greetings such as sending gifts with gifts, or sending March 8 greeting cards online or creating video of 8/3 greeting cards. With the creation of video cards 8/3, users will choose the best photos of the enemy, be it personal photos or photos taken with them and then create videos. After the video is created, it can be shared and sent to the other party. The following article will guide you how to create a greeting card on March 8.

Instructions for creating video greeting cards 8/3

Step 1:

Users access the link below to access the website to create cards.

Step 2:

In this interface the user clicks on Select Image button to upload images. Then we proceed to upload the image available on the computer to the website.

At this point, the web page will display the interface for you to align the image by adjusting the frame. You move the green frame left, right or up, down to select the area of ​​the image you want to take. Click next Cropping button to use.

Image crop

Step 3:

When the image has been cropped and selected, clicked by the user Create Image button to proceed with creating a greeting video on March 8.

Create images

Step 4:

Soon you will see the 8/3 greeting card video created from the image we uploaded earlier. You just need to click Save button to download the video is fine.

Save the video


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