How to create artistic 3D water photos

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2021-07-04 08:37:46

Online photo creation sites now have a lot for you to choose from with new, unique and very artistic collage styles. In this article, you have more styles of creating artistic 3D water images, with a very simple way to do it without having to edit or do as many operations as photo editing software on your computer. You just need to download the image you want to combine, then insert your signature if needed to create the image. Let’s see the steps to create artistic 3D water images in the article below.

Instructions for creating 3D images online

Step 1:

First of all, we visit the link below to go to the online photo creation page.

Step 2:

At the website interface we click on button Select image nút to load photos in the computer that want to create 3D artwork.

Step 3:

Display interface for you to edit images. We will blue frame adjustment to the position of the image you want to use, then drag the frame to shrink or expand the area of ​​the image you want to select. Below will be 2 image rotation options. After you have selected the image area to use, press the Crop Image button.

Crop photo

Step 4:

Then we enter the signature you want to use to insert the image press the Create Photo button under.

Create a photo

We wait a few seconds for the website to proceed to create a 3D water image and insert a signature into the image. As a result, you will see the image after being merged as shown below. Friend press the Save button to download the image and copy the image link to send to others if desired.

Download images


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