How to create Combo Box in Excel

How to create Combo Box in Excel

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2021-06-03 02:23:40

Combo Box in Excel is a simple way to quickly create a selection list, with simpler operations than the Drop List feature in Excel. We will also proceed to set up predefined content items for quick selection without having to spend time manually entering data for the data table in Excel. The following article will guide you how to use Combo Box in Excel.

Instructions to create Combo Box in Excel

Step 1:

Combo Box in Excel is in Excel’s Developer ribbon, so you must display this option according to the article below. We perform the same operation on Word.

Next, enter the content of the selection list in the same Excel data table.

Step 2:

Next in the data to create a selection list, Click on the box to create a list then tap Developer tab then click Insert icon located in the Controls group and select Combo Box icon in the Form Controls list as shown below.

Step 3:

In the cell to insert the list, we create a box by using the mouse to stretch the size accordingly. Continue right click on the box then choose Format Control in the displayed list.

Format Control

Step 4:

Now display the new interface. You click Control tab then click arrow icon pointing upwards at line Input range.

Select data range

Next, display the interface so that we can zoning the selection list want to display in the Combo Box. Press Enter to continue.

Selection list

Step 5:

Next at section Drop down lines we will line number selection will be dropped down in the list when using the Combo Box.

Line number

Press next Properties tab then at Object positioning You can choose one of the following options:

  • Move but don’t size with cells: move the Combo Box but cannot change the length and width of the box.
  • Don’t move or size with cells: the box cannot be resized or moved.

When finished, click OK to save.

Editing options

The result will display a selection list as shown below.

Show selection list

Step 6:

To create Combo Boxes for the data cells below, you just need to right-click on the created cell and then click Copy then Paste down the cells below. The results are selected by the list as below.

Create combo boxes

Video tutorial to create combo box in Excel


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