How to create dotted lines in Word

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2021-05-20 22:44:46

Creating a dotted line in Word will help you create a line in Word that separates content more beautifully, besides a simple straight line. There are 2 simple ways for us to create a dotted line in Word, instead of pressing the dot key continuously, or creating a dotted line in Microsoft Word with the Tab key. Lines often appear a lot in documents, reference books, textbooks with the purpose of ending the content above to move on to new content. The following article will guide you how to create dotted lines in Word.

Method 1: Create Word dotted lines with keyboard shortcuts

First of all, we open the Word document we want to create a dotted line. Then you press the sign key * on the keyboard. We will enter 3 times asterisk as shown below.

Next you press Enter key and immediately the 3 asterisks automatically turned into a dotted line as shown.

Press Enter

Besides the asterisk, you can use the following characters for other dotted line styles:

  • Press the dash (“-“).
  • Press three equal signs (“===”).
  • Press three underscores (“___”).
  • Press three pound signs (“###”).
  • Press three tildes (“~~~”).

Method 2: Create dotted lines with Shapes in Word

In the Shapes Word section, there are many options such as drawing lines in Word or drawing shapes in Word. And we can also use Shapes to draw dotted lines.

Step 1:

At the interface in Word, click the Insert button and then click on Section Shapes. In the display list we find Lines phần section then select first line.

Select line

Step 2:

Then we draw a line in the document and then click Format tab above. Next look down Shape Styles group then click triangle icon to extend the formatting style for the newly created line.

Line Style Adjustment

Step 3:

You will now see some dotted line styles as shown below. You just need to click on one of the styles with different colors.

Create dotted lines


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