How to create video and audio subtitles on Google Chrome

How to create video and audio subtitles on Google Chrome


2021-03-22 23:39:06

Google Chrome has the ability to directly caption the audio or video playing in your browser, in case the video you watch doesn’t have subtitles. Currently, we can watch subtitles on YouTube videos in many different languages, helping you to both understand the content and learn a foreign language. However, videos or audio other than YouTube do not have subtitles, thus affecting your reading and understanding of the content. If so, users can enable the live subtitles feature available on Google Chrome. The following article will guide you how to enable subtitles directly on Chrome.

Instructions to enable subtitles directly on Chrome

Step 1:

At the interface on the Chrome browser we click 3 dots icon then choose Setting. Switch to the new interface you click item Advanced.

Step 2:

Expand the list of browser settings settings, click Section Accessibility Support as shown below.

Support access

Now you look to the side right now the first setting will see Subtitles option directly, create subtitles for audio and video in English. We need to enable this setting to display subtitles for audio.

Subtitles live

Step 3:

Now that you open YouTube and navigate to the English video, we will immediately see the subtitle box for the video shown below as shown below.

Subtitle box

For YouTube videos without subtitles, the Chrome live subtitles are also displayed for easy follow-up.

Video subtitles

We can also try it on music websites like Sotify, which also show subtitles as shown below.

Audio subtitles

Step 4:

When clicked Music note icon at the bottom of the address bar on Chrome browser as shown below you will see the interface of the video manager is playing and the option to enable and disable subtitles directly on Chrome.

When the caption setting is off and back on, we need to reload the page to display the live subtitles.

Toggle subtitles on and off

Video instructions to enable subtitles on Google Chrome


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