How to declare an expired car registration online?

How to declare an expired car registration online?

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2021-08-06 23:13:17

Currently, vehicle registration and registration users can declare their expired vehicle registration online on computers and phones so that they can submit documents quickly and conveniently, saving travel time. People will notify and complete the application procedures on the website of the Traffic Police Department. This is the official website of the Department, helping people make online documents such as online vehicle registration, notification of registration expiration. The following article will guide you to declare the expiration of online registration.

How to declare an expired vehicle registration online?

Step 1:

First of all, you visit the link below to access the website of the Traffic Police Department, the registration procedure, vehicle declaration. Note, this section will apply to passenger cars, cargo cars, vehicles converted from other vehicles into passenger cars before January 1, 2002, according to the Government’s regulations has expired.

Step 2:

At this interface you click Section 11 Declare and notify the vehicle’s expiration date.

Step 3:

Switch to the new interface you will see item Sequence of execution. In Profile preparation section click Details button. Here you will see the documents that you need to prepare before making and submitting your application.

Dossier to prepare

Step 4:

In Section Declare We will see there are 3 different forms. You access the link below to declare the expired vehicle on the website of the Traffic Police Department.

Choose online declaration

Step 5:

In the user declaration interface Fill in all information are required to proceed with an expired vehicle declaration. Done declaring Click the Sign Up button below to submit an application.

Fill in the declaration information

After completing the declaration, call the phone number of the vehicle registration agency where you have permanent residence and the vehicle registration officer to schedule a specific appointment and location to receive registration via the phone number or email entered.


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