How to declare temporary absence online

How to declare temporary absence online

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2021-07-02 18:01:41

From July 1, 2021, citizens can make an online declaration of temporary absence on the National Public Service Portal, in addition to making a declaration at the local police office where they are located. Those who are required to declare temporary absence will fill in all information according to the required declaration, with a written certification of the competent authority posted. The online declaration of temporary absence will shorten the time to process the application, without having to travel much. The following article will guide you how to register for a temporary absence online.

Instructions for declaring temporary absence online

Step 1:

First of all, users access the link below to access the National Public Service’s residence management page.

Step 2:

Then we click Login button nút in the top right corner of the screen.

At this point you will choose to continue National DVC Gateway Account to proceed with account login or registration if you do not have one.

National public account

We Fill in the registered Public Service account information before. If you do not have information, click the Register button below to register an account and you can follow the registration steps in the article How to register for a National Public Service Portal account.

Enter information

Step 3:

After logging into your account, at the homepage interface, click on Temporarily absent section.

Temporarily absent

Step 4:

The interface to declare temporary absence online will be displayed shortly after that for you to declare information. Some basic personal information is already displayed in this interface. We will continue to fill in other information, the information marked with a red * must be entered.

Fill in your account information

Step 5:

Continue scrolling down below Information section is temporarily absent, you enter the destination in the country or abroad and must have the written consent of the supervisory authority. We will download the document with the certification of the agency.

Fill in the location information

Step 6:

Finally, choose to receive the result information through the portal press Record and send to submit online temporary absence declaration dossiers.

Send records


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