How to delete editing history in Google Docs

How to delete editing history in Google Docs

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2021-04-16 10:47:30

When working on Google Docs, all edited versions are saved in history, allowing users to check and restore any version they want. However, when you are working with groups of people, how to hide the edited version in Google Docs? The following article will guide you how to hide and delete version history on Google Docs

1. How to hide Docs editing history while grouping

When working on Docs we have no way to hide our edit history, but you can restrict access to the edited version of the document. The team is then allowed to view the current document, but cannot view version history, or restore any versions.

Step 1:

Open the Docs document you need to change, then click Share button in the right corner of the screen. Next to display the interface for you Enter who wants to share the document.

Then immediately display another interface, click Editor button already switch back to Viewer mode.

Just show

Step 2:

We enter the message we want to send to them and press Submit button below.

Send an invitation

In case you do not want the document to have restrictions on viewing, you can change the settings at Get link. We will choose whoever has the link.

Finally, when you’ve set up document-only view, click Done to send the invitation.

Link receive mode

2. How to delete editing history Google Docs

If you want to delete editing history then you will need to make a copy of the document. At that time, the previously saved versions of the file are deleted and the current version is left only. There are many ways to make a copy of a document.

1. Make a copy from File

At the interface on the document, you click to select File item then choose to continue Make copies.

Make copies from within Docs

Now display the message to create a copy as shown, click OK to create a copy.

Make copies

2. Make a Docs copy from the edit history menu

If you want copy the current version of the document and delete all other history, tap the item File> Version History> View version history.

View version history

Display the new interface, here we see Current version then click on the 3 dots icon and select Make copies.

View edit history

Now the interface is displayed to save a copy of this edited version.

View edit history


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