How to design the iPhone rabbit ears into many animals

How to design the iPhone rabbit ears into many animals

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2021-05-14 05:47:04

Rabbit ears on the iPhone today have many variations, such as changing into many other types of animals such as the Cute Notch – Custom Wallpaper app on the App Store. The user will have many different ear types options with available wallpapers to choose from the type of ear you want to use. In particular, the Cute Notch application provides many different types of ears, not only animal ears but also designed with many fancy details. The following article will guide you how to install a new rabbit ear for iPhone using Cute Notch.

Instructions to change iPhone rabbit ears with Cute Notch

Step 1:

You download the Cute Notch app for iPhone according to the link below and then proceed to install as usual.

Step 2:

Below the screen you will see there are many rabbit ears hidden pattern let us choose. You swipe left and right to find the style of rabbit ears you like. After choosing the rabbit ears, click next section Picture to select the wallpaper provided by the application, or press Select to select the background image in the gallery.

Step 3:

This time displays quite a lot of different wallpapers for us to apply the wallpaper to the phone. You click on the wallpaper you want to use, immediately the rabbit ears on the phone have been changed to a new style.

Step 4:

If you are satisfied with this rabbit ears, we click on Preview to preview the background image just created afterwards Click Save to download to your phone. Note, if there is a notice to pay to download photos, just click Save by watch AD to watch the promotional video and download the photos for free.

Step 5:

Finally, we select the image with the rabbit ears just downloaded from the app as the wallpaper for the iPhone as usual.


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