How to design your own avatar on Minimal Avatars

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2021-06-21 19:50:50

Minimal Avatars is a website that designs avatars for your personal accounts in a pretty funny cartoon style. The website will give you options for us to freely create our own avatar. The detailed templates that Minimal Avatars provide are available in many different colors and varieties for you to choose or you can choose the color you like yourself. The following article will guide you how to use Minimal Avatars.

Instructions for using Minimal Avatars to create avatars

Step 1:

First, you access the Minimal Avatars page by following the link below.

In this interface you will have the choice to create a static avatar Create static avatar or a dynamic avatar Create animated avatar. Click on the avatar style you want to create to enter the design interface.

Step 2:

In the avatar design interface you will see at the top is the color range that you will choose First to create the avatar, the colors will be applied to the parts of the face.

Choose a color

Step 3:

Then you look down below to see the the details to create the face for the avatar, including Base to choose a face type, Hair to choose a hairstyle, Eyes to choose eyes and Mouth to choose a mouth.

We will choose to combine the details as we like to create an avatar. All selections will be displayed in the avatar right next to the scene for us to preview

Select part details

Step 4:

When you have finished designing your avatar, you will choose the size of the avatar you want to use with sizes 100×100, 250×250, 500×500 and 1000×1000. Next you choose the format you want to download your avatar in Downloads include PNG and SVG formats. Final Click the Download button to download is done.

Choose size


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