How to disable swipe gesture to activate Google Assistant on Android trên

How to disable swipe gesture to activate Google Assistant on Android trên

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2021-07-29 15:15:34

The usefulness that the virtual assistant Google Assistant brings to Android users is undisputed. That’s also why Google offers users quite a few different ways to activate this virtual assistant on their Android devices when needed. For example, just use your finger to swipe up from the bottom corners of the screen and Google Assistant will appear immediately, very quickly and conveniently.

However, this sometimes also causes discomfort when you do not intend to activate Google Assistant. Starting with Android 12, Google added a feature that allows users to turn off the swipe gesture to launch the default digital assistant app. If you don’t often use Google Assistant, you can turn off the swipe gesture to avoid annoying situations when manipulating the screen.

It should be noted that the layout and naming of items in the Settings menu of Android phones and tablets will vary depending on each manufacturer’s customization. However, basically, the setup steps will all be similar. Here’s how to do it on a Pixel phone running stock Android.

First, access the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon on the home screen.

Scroll down and click on the “System” item.

In the System screen that appears, click “Gestures”.

  Click on “Gestures”

The gesture you want to disable can be found in the “System Navigation” section.

  “System Navigation”

Tap the gear icon next to “Gesture Navigation”.

Tap the gear icon

(Note: The swipe from the corner gesture to activate Google Assistant is only available if you use gesture navigation. You don’t need to disable this feature if using traditional three-button navigation).

Tap the switch to turn off the “Swipe to Invoke Assistant” option.

Turn off “Swipe to Invoke Assistant”

That is all. From now on you no longer have to worry about accidentally launching Google Assistant from the corner of the screen.


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