How to download and install Code Block on Windows 10

How to download and install Code Block on Windows 10

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2021-05-06 14:26:09

Code :: Block is a free and open source IDE that is set up in C ++ using wxWidgets as a GUI toolkit. Code :: Block supports compilers like C, C ++ and Fortran. In short, Code :: Block is software for programming.

Code :: Block currently supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

Features of Code :: Block

Compiler (Complier): The task of the compiler is to translate a series of statements written in a particular programming language (also known as the source language or source code) into a new program but in the form of a computer language. (also known as a target language. Usually, a target language is a lower-level language that is used to let computers understand commands. This new program created by the compiler is also called code. object.

There are many compilers supported in Code :: Block such as GCC (MingW / GNU GCC), MSVC ++, Borland C ++ 5.5, Digital Mars, Clang …

Debugger: Debugger is software that helps detect and fix errors in other software. The debugger feature in Code :: Block allows customizing memory dumping, among other useful things.

Display: An interface is two or more separate components of a computer system that exchange information with each other. In Code :: Block, the features provided for an interface are Code Folders for C, C ++, Fortran, XML …

1. How to download Code :: Block

First, you need to open your browser and then search Code :: Block and press Enter.

After accessing the homepage of Code :: Block, find and click the button Download. On the Download page, you choose Binary release and will be redirected to another page.

When you see the prompt to select your operating system: “Please select a setup package depending on your platform“then you choose Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.x / 10 /

Website will automatically switch to the download of Code :: Block installs for Windows. Here, you choose an installation that suits your computer or the one you like.

In this article we choose codeblocks-20.03-32bit-setup.exe.

To download this installation, you need to select the download link from FossHub or on the right side. We chose

Click the link and you will be redirected to the website and the download dialog will appear. Click Save File to download.

2. How to install Code :: Block

Find and open the installation file you just downloaded. A window will open asking you to confirm program installation from an anonymous developer. You press Yes To confirm.

Next the welcome window comes to the installer Code :: Block will appear and you just need to press next.

In the terms and regulations, you click I Agree to continue.

Next is the selection of the components of Code :: Block. In this guide, we make no changes and leave the options by default and press next.

Finally, you press Install and wait for the installer to finish its job.

Now Code :: Block is installed on your computer and you can start your programming projects with this software. I wish you success and invite you to refer to many other great tips on Quantum:


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