How to download Farcry 5 is being free on PC

How to download Farcry 5 is being free on PC


2021-08-07 05:21:36

Although it has been released for more than 3 years, Farcry 5 is still a game worth experiencing. Even at the time of launch, we all knew what was in part 5 of this cult game series.

In this part 5, the setting of the game will take place in a fictional region of Montana, USA. The plot of the game will revolve around the Project at Eden’s Gate sect under the control of boss Joseph Seed.

You will play as a sheriff trapped in Hope Country, and with that must work with the resistance to free the place from the rule of Seed and the Eden’s Gate cult.

The gameplay of the game is still the action of exploration according to the main plot and surrounding side quests. In addition, the game also has a level creation tool, cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Currently, Ubisoft is allowing players to download the trial version of Farcry 5. If you have never experienced this famous game, please download according to the instructions below.

How to download Far Cry 5 for free on PC

Download Epic Games Store

Step 1: First you need to have Epic Game Store on your smartphone. Right in the main screen of the Store section, you will see that Farcry 5 is having a free Trial Weekend from September 5 to September 9.

Select Get to get Farcry 5.

farcry ear 5

Choose Place Order.

farcry ear 5

Next, go to Library and select the newly added Farcry 5.

farcry ear 5

Select the account link again.

farcry ear 5

Choose I Accept Cookies.

farcry ear 5

Select Continuer.

farcry ear 5

Next, if you see a message like the one below, you can exit this tab and return to the Epic Games Store, select Library and install Farcry 5.

farcry ear 5

Select Browse to manually change the game installation directory.

farcry ear 5

During this epidemic season, besides hot mobile games like Play Together, an old game like Farcry 5 will also be a tool to help you entertain and kill time when you have to stay at home.

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