How to download sparkling dog filter on Instagram

How to download sparkling dog filter on Instagram


2021-03-28 02:49:46

Dog Sparkle on Instagram is a pretty cool face effect when combining a dog’s mask and glittering effect around. This sparkling dog effect is very familiar to Kpop fans when there are many idols and idols using this filter to film Instagram Stories. If you like funny, funny filters, you can use this sparkling dog filter for your face, then post it on Instagram or post on TikTok. Downloading the sparkling dog effect on Instagram is the same as when you download the heart effect on Instagram, or the three bears effect on Instagram, according to the post below.

Guide to download sparkling dog filter on Instagram

Step 1:

At the interface on Instagram, we click camera icon to record in-app Story. Switch to the photo capture interface, record video you find down the effects to use and find Magnifying glass icon.

Step 2:

Switch to the effects gallery interface on Instagram, we click Magnifying glass icon already enter the keyword dog to find sparkling dog effect. This time shows a lot of dog effects on Instagram. We need to find sparkle dog effects to download and use.

Step 3:

Let’s try tapping on the dog effect to see what the effect looks like when we shoot a video on Instagram. If you like any effect, click the download icon to download the effect to your Instagram filter album.

Step 4:

After downloading the effect successfully, you return to the Video Story recording interface on Instagram. At this point we will see the new effect we downloaded at the beginning. We just need to choose the effect to record a video with a glittering dog face. Some effects also have an option to change eye color as shown below.

When finished recording video or taking photos, we can add stickers, sound if you want and finally you just need to upload to Instagram.

Video tutorial on using the sparkling dog filter on Instgaram


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