How to drink cooled boiled water properly? If you look at it with a microscope, it will be clear

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2022-09-24 07:50:42

Drinking water is one of the indispensable elements in human life. According to studies, an average adult needs to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day. For those who work hard or exercise, sweat a lot, this number will be even more.

In addition to drinking water from filtered faucets, from bottles at water purifiers, many families have so far kept the habit of boiling water to cool to drink. Specifically, water is taken as cold water from domestic faucets, then put into a super kettle or put in a pot, boiled at high temperature and then cooled at room temperature until it is cool enough for humans to use. use.

In fact, this is an old habit and even when direct filtration faucet systems and water filters were introduced, this is still the routine of most families.

Recently, a user performed an experiment to look at water molecules, taken from a bottle of cooled boiled water, under a microscope. Accordingly, water immediately after being boiled at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius is completely free of bacteria. However, over time, the water cools, and the bacteria gradually reappear due to the influence of the external environment.

After specific time points such as 6 hours, 16 hours and 36 hours, the amount of bacteria in the water gradually increased. Therefore, it can be concluded that the longer the boiled water is left to cool, the higher the amount of re-infection bacteria.

Microscope Boiling Water Experiment. (Video Tiktok Microscope)

Experts and doctors also recommend not to drink boiling water to cool for a long time, because then the oxygen in the water has almost evaporated, the organic matter is decomposed and the inorganic objects are settled, making the value of drinking water is lost.

To ensure safe water, avoid bacteria, drink it every day, boil it the next day. Do not boil too much water and then store it in recycled plastic bottles that are not suitable for drinking all week.

New boiled water should be stored in separate containers, not mixed into the old water tank. If you keep pouring new water into the old water like that, you will accidentally multiply the number of bacteria in the water to increase rapidly, easily creating mold, which is harmful to the body.

Is cooled boiled water clean enough to drink?  User experiments give unexpected results - Photo 3.

Boiled and cooled water should only be used within 24 hours. (Illustration)

Solutions for using water purifiers in the home

Nowadays, water purifier is one of the devices that many families are interested in. Besides using boiled water to cool, if possible, you can also consider buying a water purifier to meet your daily drinking water needs.

On the market there are many different types of water purifiers, so that users can easily choose based on usage criteria. In terms of design, there will be 3 common types. These are vertical cabinet filters, wall mounted water purifiers and desktop water purifiers.

Is cooled boiled water clean enough to drink?  User experiments give unexpected results - Photo 4.

Trends of using water purifiers in the home. (Illustration)

In terms of technology, there will be RO filter technology, UF filter technology and Nano filter technology. With RO technology, the machine will be used to filter water from bore wells, dug wells, and substandard tap water sources. In addition, it is possible to filter the whole water from saline or brackish coastal sources.

Nano filter technology will usually only be used for tap water, well water that has passed through the tank or filter devices. And UF technology is the most picky about the input water source, when only receiving standard treated water.

The water after being used with the filter will be cleaner because it removes bacteria, heavy metal ions and other impurities. The water purifier also adds functional cores, helping to stabilize the sweetness of the water, adding micro-minerals, helping to increase the benefits of water for users.

Is cooled boiled water clean enough to drink?  User experiments give unexpected results - Photo 5.

Here are some notes in using a water purifier that you need to keep in mind for the device to work effectively

– Do not install the water inlet hose of the machine into the hot water pipe. Because the device’s source water pipe is usually made from plastic to rubber, when it comes in contact with hot water, it can melt or be damaged.

– Keep the drain pipe from the machine always clear, avoid clogging or blocking. This will help the machine work efficiently.

– For a newly purchased machine or a machine that has not been used for a long time, to remove all kinds of dirt and bacteria, install the machine into the water line and let the machine run continuously for about 3 hours.

– Do not let the inlet water pressure be too large by inserting a source water lock into the water purifier and turning it small. When away from home for a long time, it is recommended to turn off the water and turn off the local source to avoid excessive water pressure, turning on the faucet and breaking the lock.

– Only the correct voltage should be used according to the manufacturer’s requirements. The use of high or lower voltage will directly affect the power supply, reducing the life of the device.

– Must clean, replace the water filter element periodically for the device to work effectively. According to the recommendations of experts, if using expired water filter cores, the water after the water has been treated through the machine is more dangerous than untreated water. Usually should be cleaned every few months.

Is cooled boiled water clean enough to drink?  User experiments give unexpected results - Photo 6.

It is necessary to clean and replace the filter element periodically to ensure the effective operation of the device. (Illustration)

– When there is a problem with the water purifier, quickly disconnect the power, lock the water source and immediately contact the technical staff.

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