How to emulate pc game play on Android and iOS phones

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2022-09-29 18:59:42

Play pc games on your phone

1. Play PC games on your phone through Rainway software

Rainway is an application for gamers and was developed by gamers during its operation. Rainway gives you the ability to stream your favorite games to any mobile device using either iOS or Android. Being able to comfortably play PC games anytime, anywhere makes Rainway very popular.

Instructions to download and install Rainway

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play or AppStore to download Rainway. Next, you need to download another version of Rainway for your computer
  • Step 2: Next you need to log in with your email to register. And enter the password to complete the account creation of the application.
  • Step 3: Select Get Set Up to proceed to syncing the games on your computer via Rainway.
  • Step 4: To Sign with your phone, open the Rainway app on your phone and scan the QR code. To open the QR code on your computer, select Add Device. The application will automatically output the QR code or Code for you. You can use it any way you like.

2. Play PC games on your phone via Netboom software

Using Netboom helps you save a lot of money to buy a high-configuration computer. You just need to download the Netboom App to your phone with a capacity of 15Mb. All Online Games are pre-installed in Netboom.

Netboom software

With cloud computing technology, all data is conducted on gamers’ dedicated servers. The application outputs high quality video and audio without delay. For those with poor internet connection, Netboom has optimized the game stream allowing gamers to play at low profile settings, avoiding lag.

After downloading from Google Play or AppStore, you proceed to select the PC game you want to play and will now switch to the Desktop screen on the PC. Netboom will give you 2 options to choose from:

  • Touch screen mode: Touch to operate mode
  • Mouse mode: Mode using the mouse to manipulate

In addition, if you want to show the virtual keyboard to log in to your account in the game, select the 2 blue dashes icon -> Select Virtual Keyboard. Next select Text Keyboard.

3. Play PC games on your phone via Parsec . software

Parsec helps you play games and share games with friends, with Parsec, you can completely dream of playing heavy PC games right on your “lean” Android.

A small note when using Parsec is to make sure that the computer you use is connected to the router by Ethernet because Parsec cannot work smoothly with only wifi networks.

First you need to create yourself a Parsec account to manage and control any PC devices that have Parsec installed. Then choose the game you want and enjoy it.

First you need to create yourself a Parsec account: The account allows you to manage and control any PC device that has Parsec installed, edit settings or even host games remotely. Remember the information carefully as you will need it when setting up the Parsec app on Android. Then choose the game you want and enjoy it.

Parsec software

Besides the above suggestions, there are also many other software and applications that support emulators to play pc games on phones. In addition to the support of the software, to have interesting moments of enjoyment, you need a good gaming phone in terms of configuration, smooth speed, great battery capacity, a few suggestions that are recommended by many gamers. Choose from: Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro, Redmi K50 gaming, Nubia Red Magic 7S Pro, Black Shark 5 Pro, Legion Y90,…

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