How to enable dark theme on Google

How to enable dark theme on Google


2021-03-26 00:07:33

Google has provided the option to turn on dark backgrounds without the need for users to install add-ons or support tools as before. In case you switch to secret incognito mode on Google Chrome, the Google Search section of the browser will remain in the white background. This setting will help you to change the look of Google with the choice of a dark background, a light background, or change the look and feel of the computer’s default settings. Accordingly the user will change the search settings on Google and then select the dark background theme in Google. The following article will guide you how to install a black background on Google.

Instructions to install black background on Google

Step 1:

First of all we visit the website to access the search interface. Keep looking down at the bottom right corner select Install, click next Search settings.

Step 2:

Switch to the setup interface, you find it Interface management section as shown below and then click on Dark interface item to set up a black background for the Google search page.

Choose a dark background

Step 3:

Next, users scroll down and click Save button to save any new changes to Google. Now will display a pop-up notification that Google will save the new changes you have made.

Click the Save button

Step 4:

Finally we reload the Google website and will see the Google search interface turn to a black background as shown below.

Note that currently the black background option for Google search is only being tested and has not been widely applied yet, so if you don’t see these options, you need to wait a while.

Black background Google search


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