How to enable the unit of measure converter in Microsoft Outlook

How to enable the unit of measure converter in Microsoft Outlook


2021-03-26 23:07:51

In the process of using Microsoft Outlook, you most likely have encountered a situation of dealing with an unfamiliar standard of measurement.

You may not know it, but besides Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Outlook also comes with a built-in metric converter to help you avoid having to look up how to convert units manually. If you have to work with an email that contains different measurements and units of measure, you will see the usefulness of this feature.

However, the Outlook metric converter is not enabled by Microsoft by default, but acts as a hidden feature. To enable the unit of measure converter in Microsoft Outlook, simply follow the steps below.

First, open Microsoft Outlook. From the inbox view or email window, navigate to File> Options.

In the Options window displayed on the screen, you click on the “Mail” in the left pane, then click on “Editor Options“On the right.

On the next screen, click “Proofing“In the left pane and click”AutoCorrect Options“On the right.

Click on

Select tab “Actions“From here, check the box to the left of the”Enable Additional Actions in the Right-Click Menu“. Then, in the list of Available actions below, check the box on the left of the option “Measurement Converter“. As with Word and PowerPoint, you can check the box for any other action you want to use.

Turn on “Measurement Converter”

Click “OK“On this and subsequent screens to save and exit.

Measurement Converter is now enabled on your Outlook.

To use this tool, simply highlight the text containing the measurement unit to be converted. This can be done easily by dragging the cursor over it. Right-click and in the pop-up menu, move the cursor down.Additional Actions“. You should see the unit of measure converter displayed with the corresponding results below.


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