How to experience Picture-in-Picture YouTube on iPhone/iPad

How to experience Picture-in-Picture YouTube on iPhone/iPad

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2021-08-30 07:42:24

Picture-in-Picture feature is currently being tested in advance with some YouTube Premium accounts on iOS devices, allowing users to watch YouTube videos off-screen on iPhone/iPad without the need for apps. supported application or must be viewed in a web browser. You can then use Picture-in-Picture mode on your iPhone for the YouTube app without having to access the Safari browser. The following article will guide you to experience the Picture-in-Picture feature on YouTube first.

Instructions to turn on Picture-in-Picture YouTube iPhone

Step 1:

First of all, visit the link below and log in YouTube Premium account mine. The Picture-in-Picture feature on YouTube iPhone will be available from now until the end of October 31.

Step 2:

Then you find the feature Picture-in-picture feature on iOS already press the Try it out button (Try it out) to enable this feature. If you don’t see this feature, delete the YouTube app and start over.

Step 3:

Then you open the YouTube app and find the video you want to watch and swipe up (or press the home button) to close the app and watch it in the thumbnail player. The miniature screen can be moved to any position on the screen.

If you lock the screen while watching with PiP, the video will pause. You can continue watching videos with some of the video viewing applications on the iPhone lock screen below.

The mini-screen interface has video controls and rewind/forward, shortcuts to return to the YouTube app or close the player entirely.

During the viewing process, if the user wants to resize the small screen, then double-tap the mini player, hide the player by swiping left or right of the screen.

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