How to fix the position of an image in Google Docs

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2021-07-04 05:56:04

In a document that contains both text and images, ensuring a good, logical layout can sometimes be a challenge. To make this task a little easier, you can use the feature to lock images to a fixed location in Google Docs.

You can choose a position for the image, adjust it in the right position then set the fixed position. That way, when you add, remove, or move text, the image stays exactly where you want it to be.

Set fixed position for images in Google Docs

Assuming you’re working on a document with images in Google Docs, you first need to decide how to arrange it with surrounding text. You can choose to have the text wrap around the image (Wrap Text), or let the image break the text as usual (Break Text).

To do this, click once on the image to bring up the toolbar below it. Then, click the Wrap Text or Break Text icon depending on your preference. In the example in the article, the option used is Break Text.

Next, go to the drop-down box titled Position Options (which can sometimes be shown as Move With Text). Click the drop-down menu and select “Fix Position on Page”.

Select “Fix Position on Page”

In addition, you can also adjust the image margins in the toolbar. This is the empty space between the image and the surrounding text.

Adjust image margins

Now you can check your fixed image position. If you edit the text around it, such as adding another line or moving the text upwards, you’ll find that the image stays in place.

The image has been fixed

Position the image with the top left margin

Another adjustment you can make to the fixed position of the image is to align the distance of the image from the top left of the page.

First, click once on the image to display the success bar. Next, click the three-dot button on the far right and select “All Image Options”.

Select “All Image Options”

When the sidebar menu opens on the right, click to expand the Position section. Under Relative to the Top Left of Page, you adjust the X and/or Y values ​​by clicking the arrow buttons or by entering the number in inches. Values ​​for X move the image from edge to edge, while values ​​for Y move it up or down.

Adjust X and/or Y . values

Position images using the quick layout option (Quick Layout)

Another way you can fix the position of an image is to use Quick Layout. In the Image Options sidebar, you use the arrows to move between the 9 layout options.

Using Quick Layout

This feature allows you to position the image near the top, center or bottom of the page, align left, center, or right. Click one of the options to apply it to your image.

Choose a layout

Now, when you make edits to the text, the position of the image will remain fixed.


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