How to fix Windows Script Host error on Windows 10

How to fix Windows Script Host error on Windows 10


2021-03-24 12:46:42

Does your Windows 10 computer show the Windows Script Host error every few seconds? Don’t panic, chances are it’s not a malware infection (though it looks a lot like it). Fortunately, the Windows Script Host error is pretty easy to fix. Just follow the steps in this article’s Make tech easier.

What does Windows Script Host do?

Windows Script Host, abbreviated WSH, is actually a Microsoft technology. It is designed for computer administrators to automate and manage a number of tasks for clients (or servers).

The scripting capabilities are comparable to the batch files included with the Windows Script Host. One of the most obvious traits is that it is language-independent. That means the host can work with a variety of Active Scripting language tools.

In general, Windows Script Host provides an environment for Windows users to execute scripts in different languages ​​and will perform tasks through many different object models.

What causes Windows Script Host error?

Windows Script Host is a technology developed by Microsoft. It is created to help system administrators automate certain tasks. However, this Windows Script Host is also known to cause errors. The worst thing is that this error can start happening even on a brand new computer for no apparent reason. However, in most cases, the Windows Script Host error is caused by one of the following reasons:

Windows Script Host error on Windows 10

In which, the 3 most common reasons found to be the cause of the Windows Script Host error on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are:

Viruses or malware: Virus or malware on Windows Script Host is proven to be the main cause of this error. Virus / malware can attack the system and infect critical system files. In this case, you must completely remove the virus in time. Otherwise, it can delete valuable files or partitions and even damage the system.

The VBS script file is corrupt: The VBS script refers to the file containing the VBScript or Visual Basic Scripting code. If the file has problems, the Windows Script Host error will appear on your computer at any time.

Registry errors: This type of error usually appears when you directly install new programs over the old ones. This will result in slow open programs and even sudden crashes in the system. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to completely uninstall old programs before starting to install new ones.

And now, let’s look at some possible fixes for all of these causes.

How to fix Windows Script Host errors easily

Method 1: Edit the VBS Script file

The first thing you should do is return the .VBS file to its default values. This is done through Registry Editor, so make sure you have a complete backup of your computer before editing the Registry.

1. Open Registry Editor (enter regedit search box and open the result you need), then go to Computer HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT VBS.

2. On the right panel, double-click Default And change Value Data Fort VBSfile.

Change Value Data to VBSfile
Change Value Data to VBSfile

3. Click OK and restart the computer. Everything will be back to normal.

Method 2: Repair Registry

Although the above fix is ​​related to Registry, other Registry issues can also result in multiple Windows Script Host error windows appearing. The easiest way to do that is to run a reliable Registry repair tool and let it fix all the problems it can find.

Method 3: Repair Internet Explorer

If you are experiencing a Windows Script Host error when using Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click the button Tools, then select Internet Options.

3. Click the tab Advanced, select the check box Disable script debugging Internet Explorer and Disable script debugging (Other).

4. Clear the check box Display a notification about every script error, then press OK.

Method 4: Remove malware

If you suspect that the error is caused by malware, run a reliable anti-malware program. If the tool finds anything, let it quarantine and remove the virus, then see if the error goes away. Reference: 11 most effective anti-virus software for Windows to find the right choice for yourself.


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