How to follow the news from your favorite website on Microsoft Edge

How to follow the news from your favorite website on Microsoft Edge


2021-03-30 00:43:54

The News Tab widget in Microsoft Edge browser helps you see the latest news from the websites you love. All website information will be displayed in the browser New Tab interface, thereby changing the interface for New Tab to be more attractive and interesting, besides the browser changes for New Tab. If you like to watch news from the website you like, you can install The News Tab widget on Edge browser according to the tutorial below.

Guide to watching news from New Tab on Edge

Step 1:

Click the link below to install The News Tab utility on the Edge browser.

Step 2:

After you have installed the add-on, you need to enable it in the management interface. We click 3 dots icon then choose Extensions to enter the utility management interface.

Now you need to turn on the utility to use it. Then return to the New Tab interface Press Keep changes to keep the change.

Utilities management

Step 3:

At this point, you will see the interface of New Tab changes, the top is the search bar, below is the Top sites section that shows the frequently visited websites and My Feed shows the 10 latest news from available sources. and add.

Utility interface

Step 4:

To add news sourcewe click Gear icon in the left corner. Then show the interface for you to customize the look, we go to the section Type an RSS URL already paste the website URL I like to enter. Press the plus button to add. Note, the import website has the form

We continue to add websites to the utility as above.

Add a website

Also in this Settings interface you can adjust such as the number of news displayed (Maximum Posts), the time (minutes) of updates (Feed Refresh Time), turn on off the display of the update time (Show dates on posts), the default search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia) on the New Tab page.

Display mode


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