How to get free Katarina Quick War

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2021-04-14 01:49:25

“Dagger knife” Katarina has officially appeared in the latest update of Express War. List of General Noxus Speed ​​War reappears, one more general. Gamers are looking for a way to build Katarina, combos, and how her pearls are in the game.

But first, you have to give up Blue Essence and Wild Core to own Katarina. However, gamers have the opportunity to receive Katarina for free in the League of Legends in the Katarina Challenge event. Below is information and how to join the event to unlock Katarina for free.

How to complete the Katarina challenge in Quick War

As soon as you enter the game interface, you will be prompted with Katarina’s Challenges quest. Event time takes place from date 7:00 am on March 4, 2021 to 7:00 a.m. on March 11, 2021.

During Katarina’s Challenges event, you just need to complete mission milestones to get rewards. In each landmark there will be two mission options for you. If you complete all the missions you will receive Katarina, in addition you will also receive rewards such as:

  • Tinh Hoa Lam
  • X2 XP card
  • Xu Poro

face katarina free

Select missions in series 1:

  • 40 kills
  • Play 5 matches
  • Deals 30,000 magic damage
  • Kill 1,000 soldiers with your teammates
  • Get 50 kills
  • Play 5 matches

Select missions in series 2:

  • Hit 5 times Double Kill
  • Play 2 matches with 1 Assassin general
  • Play 2 matches with at least one Noxian champion in your team
  • Applies deep wounds to enemy champions 20 times
  • Play 2 matches with 1 mage general
  • Win 1 match with Garen in the opponent’s team

In addition to the Katarina challenge event, gamers will take on another new challenge on March 12 that is Lux’s Challenge with a series of 7 different missions. Let’s see what we have to do in this new challenge.

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