How to get Private Key / Seed Phrase of Cryptocurrency Wallets

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2022-09-29 23:20:43

Private Key, Passphrase or Seed Phare are generally the characters used to access your cryptocurrency wallet. That means it’s very important. If you don’t own it, the crypto assets in the wallet are just numbers that exist on the Internet. In simple terms, wallets are just gateways to communicate with the Blockchain system, and Private Keyhay Seed Phare is the key to help you access that portal and interact with your assets. In this article, let’s learn how to master Private Key, Seed Phrase.


What are Private Key, Passphare and Seed Phrase?

If you often use Metamask or other HD wallets, you are probably familiar with the seed phrase / seed mnemonic / recovery phrase structure, which is important to know to generate a private key. In the dawn of cryptocurrency, creating a new wallet meant writing down a long list of numbers and letters. Then that all changed and the world switched to using a phrase of 12 common English words that looked like:

dove lumber quote board young robust kit invite plastic regular skull history

This is the phrase Seed Phrase or Seed Mnemonic.

These phrases can be converted back to a list of numbers from 1 to 2048 using a dictionary. Words are just there to make it easier for people to understand and communicate over the phone. So our list of the seed phrase “dove lumber quote board young robust kit invite plastic regular skull history” could be converted to:

101 900 1781 62 568 123 88 1322 1099 1544 666

You just need to group it all together into one long string to form a single string of numbers:


Then, using a special algorithm (which we don’t cover in this article), you can convert that final string into a Private Key used in the HD wallet. Alternatively, you can generate a huge new list of Public Key – Private Key pairs as desired. You may only need 1 Public Key wallet address and 1 Private Key, but Satoshi Nakamoto suggested always using a new key pair for new transactions. All you need are 12 Seed Phrase keys, your master key for endless key pairs.

How to get Private Key of wallets

As such, when owning a cryptocurrency wallet, the most important thing is to find your Seed Phrase. If there is no Seed Phrase, then find the Private Key, because after all, the Private Key is the Seed Phrase after decryption. Below we will guide you to get in some wallets.

Trust Wallet

On the Trust Wallet, you choose to go to Settings and select the Wallet section.

Then you select your wallet and press the 3 dots to enable the option.

how to lay private key passphrase seed phrase types 2

Here you can choose:

  • Show wallet recovery phrases (Seed Phrase / Recovery Phrase / Mnemonic)
  • Export account public key (Private Key) wallet

After logging in to your wallet follow these instructions: Go to Settings – Wallet & Address – More Options – Private Key.

how to lay private key passphrase seed phrase will then extract for you the Bitcoin Private Key.

If you want to get Ethereum’s Private Key, go to Settings – Wallet & Address – Select ETH wallet – Export Private Key.

how to lay private key passphrase seed phrase 1

The rest of the coins are similar.

Infinito Wallet

how to lay private key passphrase seed phrase types 2

Step 1: Select your wallet in Account.

Step 2: Select Show secret key. Then enter the transaction password, press Continue

Step 3: Select the coin for which you want to see the private key, such as Ethereum.

Step 4: You will see 2 information of the coin: Address and Secret Key.

Coin98 Wallet

how to lay private key passphrase seed phrase 3

Step 1: Access the Coin98 Wallet App

Step 2: Open the section “Manage wallet” in two ways:

  • Method 1: Click on the round logo at the bottom of the main screen > Select “Settings” > Select “Manage wallet”
  • Method 2: Click on the yellow area “Total Assets” on the main screen

Step 3: Click on the wallet you want to see Private Key & Passphrase

Step 4: Click “Show Key Information”

Metamask Wallet

Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Select Reveal Seed Phrase

how to lay private key passphrase seed phrase 4


Hopefully through this article, you have understood the importance of Private Key or Seed Phrase. In general, when you have these 12 keywords, you can recover assets on all wallets together. In case you want to go into details on how to get Private Key with Seed Phrase cluster without going through the above wallets, you can refer to this content of ours: coin-token-when-switching-alarm-mang-luoi


WARNING: Investing in financial products carries a lot of risk that may not be suitable for some investors. Therefore, please consider carefully and control yourself before making any decisions that are made up of the references at this website.

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