How to get stone to evolve Wukong with Wukong Noodle Gia Lien Quan event

How to get stone to evolve Wukong with Wukong Noodle Gia Lien Quan event


2021-03-22 11:58:47

The next outfit of Wukong Lien Quan Mobile has officially been announced, which is the outfit Wukong Young Si Ba Dao. This is an evolutionary outfit like the Super Viet Nakroth, the higher the level it is, the better the effect of this outfit is.

To do so, the player needs to have Evolution Stones in the shop or obtained from the event. Two types of stones are required are Basic Stone and Advanced Stone to be able to upgrade the costume to level 4.

Two types of stones with two different prices and also need to be quite a lot to upgrade the outfit to the highest level. Many gamers estimate that the amount of Army Command has to spend quite a lot. You can join the Wukong Noodles event following the instructions below to get more basic Wukong evolution rock.

How to join the Wukong Noodles event and how to get the Wukong evolution stone

Step 1: First, you can select the icon in the main interface of the game or go to Events.

In the event view, select Get ingredients.

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The ingredients can be obtained when you complete the missions while playing the game. Remember to follow the task list to get more ingredients.

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When you have the ingredients, the noodle bowl will display the Cook button, select the type of noodles you want to cook according to the requirements of the generals in the right box. After cooking is finished, press Ship to deliver to the required general.

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Your reward will be the basic Wukong Evolution Stone. Each day you will have 4 noodle deliveries at lunch and dinner. Each day you will receive 4 Noodles and 4 different random ingredients.

Each successful order will receive 1 basic Wukong Evolution Stone. Delivering a sufficient number of 5/10/15/25 milestones will receive more great rewards.

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