How to hide Messenger chats with your phone

How to hide Messenger chats with your phone


2021-03-24 23:41:39

Hiding Messenger conversations with your phone is very simple when you just need to use the instant message hiding feature available on Messenger. This will help us protect private, personal chats from being accidentally viewed by others. This hidden Messenger chat feature is completely different from the case where Messenger messages are hidden when Messenger automatically includes them on the waiting list of messages. Users will choose which messages they want to hide through the Archive feature on Messenger. The following article will guide you to read how to hide messages on phone Messenger.

Instructions to hide Messenger messages on Android

First you access the Messenger account on your Android phone and then navigate to the conversation we want to hide. Then you Press and hold on the conversation then choose Storage in the list displayed on the screen.

Result That conversation is no longer visible in the messaging interface on Messenger as well. The other person will not know the existence of that conversation and cannot read the message.

Hide a conversation

How to hide Messenger chat on iPhone

Also in the messaging interface on the iPhone Messenger you also find the conversation you want to hide. Then we do swipe from right to left then click Archive item.

As a result, you also won’t see the Messenger chat on iPhone anymore. The other person will not be able to read the content of the conversation and only you know it.

Message is not shown

In addition to hiding Messenger messages through the Archive feature, for those who use the iPhone we will have a completely password locked Messenger feature, similar to Zalo with a password lock. If the iPhone uses Face ID or Touch ID, Messenger will be locked with Face ID, Touch ID. When others want to access Messenger, they must enter the correct locked password.

How to unhide Messenger messages on phone

With hidden Messenger messages, they still exist in the messaging data on Messenger, not deleted. To find it again, you just need to enter the name of the Messenger who has hidden and message them to show the message again. With the iPhone Messenger version, you should exit Messenger and then reopen it to show the hidden Messenger conversation again. You can read the detailed instructions at How to Unarchive Messenger Messages.


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