How to hide the Vertical Tabs button (vertical tab) on Microsoft Edge

How to hide the Vertical Tabs button (vertical tab) on Microsoft Edge


2021-03-24 03:10:15

Vertical Tabs are a fairly new feature of Microsoft Edge. As the name implies, this feature will list the currently open tabs on the browser according to a vertical list in the sidebar. All tabs are managed in this vertical interface and the content in each tab will also be displayed visually in an ordered list from top to bottom.

How vertical tabs work on Microsoft Edge

If you’re running Microsoft Edge version 89 or later, you’ll see a new Vertical Tab button appear in the top left corner of the tabs section.

Vertical Tab button

When you click this button, the tab bar will change to a sidebar on the left side of the browser window. Here, you will see a list of all open tabs listed from top to bottom vertically.

Vertical tab list

By default, this sidebar also displays the title of the web page. You can collapse the sidebar (only show the website icon called the favorite icon) by clicking on the arrow pointing to the right.

Interface when turned on Vertical Tab

To go back to the default (landscape) tab layout, simply click this Vertical Tab button again.

How to turn off the vertical Tab button in Microsoft Edge

If you do not have a need to use the vertical Tab feature, you can hide or disable this Vertical Tabs button completely.

First, click the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Microsoft Edge setup menu.

Click the three dot button

In the menu that appears, click “Settings” (Setting).

Click on

Select the option “Appearance“(Interface) from the sidebar and then, from the”Customize Toolbar“(Customize toolbar), please turn off the option”Show Vertical Tabs Button”(Display the vertical Tab button).

Turn off the option

The Vertical Tab button is now gone, and you’ll get back to the traditional horizontal tab layout.


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