How to insert watermark and watermark on YouTube videos

How to insert watermark and watermark on YouTube videos


2021-04-01 17:38:30

Not to mention the complicated legal aspects, there is a simple way that can partly help you protect your works on YouTube against “brain stealers”, that is insert watermark, logo on the fly. Next to the video to “assert sovereignty”. Proceed as follows.

You may not know it, but there are a few simple websites that allow you to easily attach icons, logos, or any image as a watermark to your video. When the video is played, your “genuine” watermark will also be clearly displayed. The beauty of these tools is that you can add a permanent watermark to your videos, and it’s all completely free.

Kapwing is an online tool that assists you in inserting watermark into your video in just a few simple steps. If you have an account, you can create videos without watermarks. Note, videos are up to seven minutes long and you can publish up to three hours of video per month. If you want to do this much, you can sign up for a premium subscription for $ 20 a month.

1.After creating your account, upload your video.

2. Once the video has been uploaded, click the Images button on the top menu.

3. Now upload the image you want to use as a watermark, then resize it accordingly and drag it to the position you want in the video.

4. Click the Publish button and upload your video to your device, then upload to YouTube if desired.

Pixico is another simple online tool that helps you quickly and free insert watermark (and many other effects) into your videos. In general, the manipulation on Pixico is quite similar to Kapwing. The only difference is that this website supports “hands-free mode”, email you when the process of inserting watermark in the video is complete, so you can freely do other things without having to wait on the page. web.

1. Create an account and click “Add watermark”.

2. Drag your video into the upload section.

Upload videos

3. After the video is successfully uploaded, select the logo image you want to insert as watermark in the video by clicking the Upload button.

Insert a watermark

4. Click Render and wait for the web page to finish processing.

Protection of intellectual property rights is one of the painful problems accompanying the development of the internet world. The phenomenon of piracy, or worse, the theft of intellectual property products is no stranger in today’s cyberspace.

On a major online video sharing platform like YouTube, this problem is even more common. The fact that the videos you put in so much effort have been re-uploaded and self-identified as yours is clearly an unpleasant feeling. So follow the steps above to easily mark copyright on your YouTube video.


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