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2021-06-02 22:47:41


What is WeStarter?

WeStarter is a decentralized fundraising platform through IDO on Huobi’s Heco Chain network. WeStarter supports cross-chain asset distribution and continues to grow to connect with other markets such as STO and NFT to provide diverse choices for both developers and investors.

Information about WeStarter

WeStarter is basically divided into two types of public and private pools:

  • Public Pool: Provide a whitelist for users who participate in community governance to complete platform tasks, and users can directly exchange the corresponding tokens for a fixed amount.
  • Private Pool: Similar to IEO of a centralized exchange and user win rate is equal to stake and total amount committed.

Features of WeStarter

  • WeStarter supports multi-chain assets and collects various initial DeFi projects. WeStarter also supports fundraising and connecting isolated public chains like Heco, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc.
  • Resource-based fundraising improves success rates for both developers and investors, projects with high support or higher voting shares and sound mechanisms of action will receive support in many forms, such as finance, community management, marketing, etc.
  • WeStarter has top KOL from global dominant cryptocurrency market, large community as well as quality resources from secondary market that support both centralized and decentralized transactions. WeStarter will maximize the quality of the early project and protect the rights and interests of investors.
  • The variety of fundraising methods allows users to choose their income forms freely. The WeStarter platform keeps in mind and practices seriously to protect the rights and interests of investors, so will continue to optimize and innovate box auctions, dutch auctions, secret bidding, STO, NFT and purchases other methods. WeStarter will also continue to launch new products and improve products.

How to change Heco Chain network on MetaMask

MetaMask . wallet download address

Choose Ethereum Mainnet

Select Custom RPC

Finally follow in the picture

IEO WeStarter

The steps are as follows:

Access and link to wallet check if there is pool for registration.

Click “Enter Pool” to enter the fundraising team page.

  • Public Pool: Any user can participate, distributed according to the stake amount.
  • Private Pool: Conditional join, generally whitelist eligible users can join see below for whitelist creation method. Once registration begins, the amount is determined in the order of registration.

Click Join Pool to enter the Registration Pool

Confirm if the registration pool is happening, if yes, please enter and confirm the amount you want to invest/staking.

If the staking is successful, the profile will be displayed in the fundraising profile and you can wait for the settlement.

According to the popularity of the project, it usually takes 1–20 minutes after settlement to confirm the settled investment target and the unclaimed investment amount.

Registered successfully

Once the status of the fundraising pool is updated to “paid/closed”, the claim status will be activated, click Claim to get the token.

WARNING: Investing in financial products carries a lot of risk that may not be suitable for some investors. Therefore, please consider carefully and control yourself before making any decisions made up of the contents of this website. Also you can JOIN our DISCUSSION GROUP to discuss more about what you are interested in.

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