How to know if your iPhone is fast charging

How to know if your iPhone is fast charging

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2021-11-26 18:39:04

Fast charging is a very developing technology today, with excellent technologies that can help your device fully charge after only 15 minutes of charging. This technology has also been applied on iPhone models, but the fast charging capacity these models achieve is only 18-20W.

However, this capacity is enough to make the iPhone’s charging time much shorter. With Android phone models, when using fast charging, there will be a notification. But with iPhone models, we absolutely cannot tell whether the device is being charged quickly or slowly because the device does not have any notifications at all.

So how to know if your device is being fast charged or not?

In addition to downloading 3rd party apps that allow you to measure charging capacity, there are manual and extremely simple ways that you can monitor and recognize.

With normal charger: When you plug the charger into the device, if the device receives the charge and has the charging icon immediately, this is the normal charger and the full charge time will be much longer.

With fast charging: When you plug the fast charger into the device, if it takes 1 to 3 seconds to receive the charger and displays the charging notification, your device is receiving fast charging and the charging speed will be faster.

In addition to monitoring the charging time, you can monitor the full charge time of the iPhone battery, about 30 minutes to reach 50%, it is fast charging. Hope my sharing will be useful to you who are using iPhone, wish you success!


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