How to limit the audience to see Fanpage posts?

How to limit the audience to see Fanpage posts?


2021-06-25 13:19:12

Facebook Fanpage has a lot of settings for you to adjust the display mode as well as other modes for posts. Adjusting the limit mode for Facebook posts is that you can change who sees the post, where can see the post, depending on the purpose of the poster. Then the post on the Fanpage will display exactly what you set up and the excluded objects or areas will not see the post. The following article will guide you to read the limit of posts on Fanpage.

Instructions to limit the audience of Fanpage articles

Step 1:

First, you access the Fanpage you want to adjust the post display mode. Next we click Create Post button as usual.

Step 2:

In the post box you click on the word Public as below to change the visible object and view the article content.

Edit post

Keep clicking Restricted Audience section to set the post mode.

Limited audience

Step 3:

In this interface we will proceed Set 2 types of audience limit for posts includes the Age who will see the post and the Location. Only audiences with these 2 settings will be able to see the post.

2 limited audience setup options

We can choose 1 of 2 audience options to set up for Facebook posts, or use both settings as shown in the picture.

After setting up the audience to see the article on Fanpage, we publish the article as usual.

Post an article

Step 4:

When the post is posted, next to the post content will be displayed cog gear icon indicates for posts on Fanpage with a limited audience setting.

Articles with an audience


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