How to limit the number of friends appearing on Facebok without unfriending

How to limit the number of friends appearing on Facebok without unfriending


2021-04-07 13:31:58

Facebook has the option of reducing friend interaction, limiting the person’s appearance on your Facebook without we having to delete friends. Then the user will have some settings so that we do not see his post on your Facebook, limit the annoyance without having to unfriend Facebook for some reason. Reducing friend interaction will somewhat limit their appearance on your Facebook interface, including status, posts they are tagged … The following article will guide you on how to reduce interaction with your friends. On Facebook

Guide to reduce Facebook friend interaction

Step 1:

Users access the list of friends on Facebook and then click on the friends account we do not want to display much on Facebook. Click 3 dot icon as shown below.

Then press and hold on section Friends then choose to continue Reduce interaction.

Step 2:

Switch to the Reduced Interaction section so we adjust interactions to limit their visibility. Click first Hide content. Next, the user clicks on Limit where you see them on Facebook. In each item will be notified in detail about how to work. Click Save to save the new settings.

Step 3:

Next, go back to the main interface, click on the item Limit what they will see, click View option. We will choose to enter Hide your posts from them.

Step 4:

Finally we will set up with the old posts on Facebook.

Video instructions hide your Facebook friends’ appearance

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